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Ajloun is the capital city of the Ajloun Governorate in Jordan's northern region. It is a mountainous town in the north of the country, 76 kilometres (about 47 miles) north-west of the capital, Amman. It is notable for the spectacular remains of the 12th-century Ajloun Castle that stand on the site.
With a population of around 176,080 people dispersed throughout 27 villages and towns across an area of approximately 420 km2, the Ajlun Governorate is the largest in the country. Al-Gharaibeh, Al-Qudah, Al-Share, Al-Zghoul, Al-Momani, Al-Smadi, Al-Shwayyat, Al-Freihat, Al-Khatatbah, Alnawateer, Al-Karraz, and other Muslim tribes make up the majority of the population. The Christian tribes of Ajloun are mostly comprised of the Muqattash, Haddad, Iwais, Eisouh, and Rabadi. Despite the fact that Christians are a minority in the governorate as a whole, they constitute around half of the population in Ajloun city; the majority of Christians, as well as Muslims from the Al-Smadi tribe, live in Ajloun city. Other tribes are dispersed across the governorate's other administrative districts. There are four seats in the national parliament allocated to the Ajloun Governorate, one of which is reserved for members of the Christian minority.
Ajloun was recorded in the Ottoman Empire's census of 1596 as being situated in the nahiya of Ajloun, in the liwa of Ajloun, according to the census taker. A total of 313 Muslim homes and 20 Muslim bachelors lived there, with an additional 20 Christian houses. Taxes were collected on a wide range of agricultural products, including olive trees and vineyards; fruit trees; vegetables and fruit garden; orchards; bayt al-mal wa mal ga'ib; goats; and beehives. They also collected revenues from a market toll and the operation of a water mill, amounting to 14,500 akce in total. According to census data from 1838, the majority of Ajloun's residents were Sunni Muslims and Greek Christians. Ajloun had 5390 residents in 1961, with 2023 of them being Christians, according to the Jordanian census.

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Muhammad Iqbal
11 Q. Aliaa St
Souf camp

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