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Munster is one of the provinces of Ireland. It is in the southern part of the country, near the coast. One of the kingdoms of Gaelic Ireland was the Kingdom of Munster, which was ruled by a "over-king." In early Ireland, this was one of the kingdoms of Gaelic Ireland. Following the Norman invasion of Ireland, the old kingdoms were divided into counties for administrative and judicial purposes. This is how it worked: In the past few centuries, local government laws have made the historic counties even smaller. Munster has no official role in the local government. It's called "IE-M" by the ISO because it is one of the provinces of the state and is part of the state. In terms of geography, Munster has a total area of 24,675 km2 and a population of 1,280,020. Cork is the most populous city. Other important cities in the province are Limerick and Waterford.

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