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South Sulawesi is a province on the southern peninsula of the island of Sulawesi. There are also islands to the south of Sulawesi called the Selayar Islands. They are part of the province, too. This is the capital city. You can find the province on the north side of the country. It is next to Central and West Sulawesi in the north, the Gulf of Bone and Southeast Sulawesi in the east, Makassar Strait in the west, Flores Sea in the south, and so on and so forth. There were 8,032,551 people living in South Sulawesi in 2010, which makes it the second-most populous province on the island and the sixth-most populous province in Indonesia. 9,073,509 people lived in this area by 2020, and this number had grown to 9,073,509. All the people in South Sulawesi are from one of the four main groups: Buginese, Toraja, Mandar, and Makassare. Farming, fishing, and mining for gold and other metals are the main sources of income for the province. The pinisi, a traditional Indonesian two-masted sailing ship, is still very popular with the Buginese and Makassarese people. They use it for inter-island transportation, cargo, and fishing in the Indonesian archipelago. People used South Sulawesi as a gateway to the Maluku Islands during a time when the spice trade was at its best. There were a lot of small kingdoms, but two of the most important were the Kingdom of Gowa near Makassar and the Bugis kingdom in Bone. As far back as the 17th century, a company called the Dutch East India Company (VOC) started doing business in the area. In the future, VOC teamed up with the Bugis prince, Arung Palakka, and they beat the kingdom of Gowa together. To be fair, Sultan Hasanuddin, king of Gowa, had to sign a treaty that weakened his kingdom.

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Endah Rahayu
Jl. Sudirman No. 123
Kepulauan Selayar 92811
Sulawesi Selatan Indonesia

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