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As the name used to be, West Papua was called Irian Jaya Barat (West Irian), but now it is part of Indonesia. Bird's Head Peninsula and Bomberai Peninsula are the two western peninsulas on the island of New Guinea. It also includes the islands that are close by. In the north, it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. In the west, it is surrounded by Halmahera and Ceram seas, in the south by Banda Sea, and in the east by Papua and Cenderawasih Bay. This is how it works: Manokwari is the capital of the province, and Sorong is the largest city in the area. People in West Papua will have a population of 1,134,068 at the 2020 Census. Afterwards, the Dutch stayed in New Guinea until 1962, when they gave the region to Indonesian government as part of the New York Agreement. People in West Papua were able to legally become a province in 1999. It wasn't able to be opened until 2003. The province is made up of twelve regencies and one city. It has a special status in Indonesian law because of this. West Papua is known for its Raja Ampat Islands, which some divers say have the most marine life in the world. Second from the bottom of Indonesia's 34 provinces is West Papua. It has a medium Human Development Index, which makes it the second-worst. Infrastructure projects that the Indonesian government has started include the Trans-Papua Highway, airports and seaports that cut through Southeast Asia's and Oceania's last large chunks of tropical rainforest and put native cultures at risk, but the government says it's worth it. Bank Indonesia says that the economy of West Papua grew by 7.7% last year, which is more than the national growth rate. There are a lot of different ideas about how the word Papua came to be. In the Tidore language, "Papo-Ua" means "not joining" or "not being united," which means there is no king on this island. This means there is no king because there is no one to rule. Before the age of colonisation, the Tidore Sultanate had control over some parts of the Bird's Head Peninsula in what is now the province of West Papua. Then, the Tidore Sultanate expanded to also control coastal areas in the current province of Papua, which is now called West Papua. People in Indonesia and the Papuan world have been linked by this relationship for a long time. Papua could also come from the Malay word "papuwah," which means "frizzy hair." Malay Dictionary was written in 1812 by William Marsden, and it was the first time it was mentioned. It wasn't in any earlier dictionaries. It is called "Papua" in records kept by Portuguese and Spanish sailors from the 16th century. People who live on the Raja Ampat Islands and the coast of Bird's Head Peninsula are called "Papua." Irian Jaya was the name of the province when it was called that in the 1940s. At a meeting of a tribal committee in Tobati, Jayapura, the head of the bestuur school suggested the name. Frans Kaisiepo, the committee leader, came up with the name from Mansren Koreri myths. Iri-an is a word in the Biak language of Biak Island that means "hot land." It also comes from Iryan, which means a heated process as a methapor for a land that is entering a new era. In Serui, Iri-an means "pillar of the country." In Merauke, Iri-an means "rising spirit" or "to rise," but both mean the same thing. Marcus Kaisiepo, the brother of Frans Kaisiepo, came up with the name in 1945. As time went on, Marthin Indey, Silas Papare, and other people started using the Indonesian acronym 'Ikut Republik Indonesia Anti Nederland' to make a point about the name Irian (Join the Republic of Indonesia oppose the Netherlands). The name was used during the time of President Suharto. During the time of President Abdurrahman Wahid, the name was changed to Papua. The Dutch, who came later, called it Schouten island. Schouten Islands and Biak Island, which are two islands off the north coast of Papua, were the first places to be called by this name. As part of the Dutch East Indies, this island was called Nieuw Guinea by the Dutch. People who speak choose a name for the western half of the island of New Guinea based on their political views. It's called "Papua" by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) (ISO). West Papua is what independence activists call the region, and Indonesian officials have also called the region that way since 2007. West Irian or Irian Barat, also known as Irian Barat (1962?73), was the official name of the region from 1962 to 1973. Irian Jaya (1973?2002), Irian Jaya Barat (2003?2007), and Papua Barat (2007?present) were the other names.

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