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Lampung is a city in Indonesia. Sumatra is a large island in the Indian Ocean. It's on the southern tip. People from Bengkulu and South Sumatra live there. It has a short border with Bengkulu to the northwest, and a long border with South Sumatra to the north. People who live there speak their own language and write in their own script. It is the place where they lived before moving to other places. In Bandar Lampung, the capital city, is where most people live. There were 7,608,405 people in the province at the 2010 census; 8,109,601 at the 2015 census; and 9,007,848 at the 2020 census, with three-quarters of them being the descendants of Javanese, Madurese, and Balinese migrants. The province has a total land area of 35,376 km2. These migrants came from islands with a lot of people on them and were looking for land. They were also part of the national government's Indonesian transmigration programme, which made Lampung one of the first and most important places to move. When an earthquake with a 6.4 magnitude hit the province on May 10, 2005, it was very strong. When Krakatoa, a volcano on an island in the Sunda Strait, erupted in 1883, it set off one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions ever recorded. The eruption killed tens of thousands of people and caused global temperature and other weather changes for years.

What is Lampung Address Format?

Slamet Riyadi
Jl. Sudirman No. 123
Lampung Barat 34811
Lampung Indonesia

What is Lampung Zipcode Format?
Lampung Indonesia Postal code format