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People in Honduras live in Intibuca, which is one of the 18 departments in the country. Intibuca has a surface area of 1,186.1 square miles (3,072 km2). At the heart of it all is the city of La Esperanza, in the town of La Esperanza. Intibuca is a city in the department of Intibuca in Honduras. It has a population of 25,570 people in 2020. There is a lot of traffic and business in the city of Intibuca in Honduras' South-West region. Intibuca, which is 1,850 metres above sea level, has a cool and often foggy climate, which is why it's called "La ciudad del manto blanco," which means "white city" (the city of the white mantle). The town's main source of income is potato production, which is celebrated each year at the Festival de la Papa (Potato Festival). Intibuca and the city of La Esperanza, which is the head of the nearby municipality of La Esperanza and the capital of the department, don't seem to be very different from each other at all. Intibuca is the older of the two cities, and it was originally a Lenca community. La Esperanza is a newer community of Ladinos, which is why it is called La Esperanza. Even though the two cities have their own municipal governments, they are often referred to as La Esperanza because they are only separated by a city street that runs through the middle of the city. People who live in Intibuca are called intibucanos and people who live in La Esperanza are called esperanzanos.

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