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Cortes is one of the 18 departments in Honduras, and it is in the north of the country. At least 1,612,762 people were thought to live in the department in 2015, making it the most populous in Honduras. As you get west of Cortes, the Merendon Mountains rise. The department is mostly a tropical lowland, the Sula Valley, which is crossed by the Ula and Chameleon rivers. It was made in 1893 from parts of the departments of Santa Barbara and Yoro. It was made in that year. San Pedro Sula is the capital city of the department, and it is in the north of the country. There are a lot of big cities in the area: Choloma, La Lima, Villanueva, and the ports of Puerto Cortes and Omoa are also big cities. This is what people say about the coast of the Department of Cortes: It has a lot of great beaches. It is the heart of Honduras' economy because the Sula Valley is the country's main agricultural and industrial area. Cortes is the country's economic centre. In the late 1800s, banana companies from the United States started growing bananas in the area. They built huge plantations, as well as a way to get the fruit to the United States. San Pedro Sula attracted a lot of people from Europe, Central America, and Palestine and Lebanon. In the department, there is a lot of business. Cortes is home to most of the country's assembly plants, which are called maquilas.

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