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In Honduras, there are 18 departments (departamentos) that make up the country. Comayagua is one of them. The capital city of the department is Comayagua. Honduras' old capital, Comayagua is a city, a municipality, and a place to live. It is 80 km northwest of Tegucigalpa and 594 m above sea level. The rapid growth of the city of Comayagua led the municipal authorities to make a territorial reorganisation plan. At that time, the population of the city quadrupled because of high population growth (4.8%) and people moving from the country's interior. As of 2020, the city was expected to have 111,700 people living in it. People in Honduras say it has a lot of Spanish Colonial architecture. It's the capital of the department in the country. The oldest clock in the United States is in the cathedral, which is in the middle of the square. It is called "La Antaona" by people in Honduras today. Because it is one of the oldest cities in Honduras, they call it that. It also has a lot of buildings that were built in the colonial era. Its historic centre is "the most restored and preserved in the country." This is what people in Spain called it when they were there. It kept its original name, which is just a name that came from the people who lived there. Some disagree about the origin of the word "koma." Most agree that it is made up of "koma," which in the Lenca dialect means a lot of land, and "Jawa," which means water. Its true meaning is "a lot of land with water."

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