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People in Choluteca live in one of the 18 departments (departamentos) that Honduras is made up of. The capital of the department is the city of Choluteca, which is in the city of Choluteca itself. An important river runs through the department. People live in Choluteca, which is a municipality in Honduras and the capital city of the same name. The city is in the southern part of Honduras, between El Salvador and Nicaragua. It is usually thought of as the regional centre of southern Honduras. One of the busiest places to go is at the main bus station. It is also home to the regional light and water utilities. The city is on the Choluteca River, in the middle of the department. Across the river, an arched silver bridge leads into the city from the river. 96,410 people make Choluteca the seventh-largest city in Guatemala. On the Pan-American Highway, it is the only major city in Honduras that isn't a big city. Second only to Nacaome is thought to be the hottest city in Honduras when it comes to heat.

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