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Oromia is a state in Ethiopia that is home to the Oromo people. There is a big city in the State of Oromia called Addis Ababa, which is also called Finfinne. It is the capital of the state. The state is made up of 21 administrative areas right now. In the east, it is bordered by the Somali Region. The Amhara Region, Afar Region, and Benishangul-Gumuz Region are to the north; Dire Dawa is in the northeast; the Upper Nile state of South Sudan is to the west; Gambela is in South Sudan; the Sidama region is in Kenya to the south; and Addis Ababa is a small enclave inside of a Special Zone. In August 2013, the Ethiopian Central Statistics Agency said that the population of Oromia in 2017 would be 35,467,001, making it the largest regional state by population in the country. It is also the largest state in the region. It has 353,690 square kilometres. Oromia is the world's 42nd most populous subnational entity. It is also the most populous subnational entity in Africa, and it has the most people in the world.

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