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Driedawa is a city in the east of Ethiopia. It is close to where the Oromia and Somali regions meet, and it is one of two cities that Ethiopia has named (the other being Addis Ababa, the capital). Dire Dawa was part of Oromia until 1993, when the federal government split it into a separate city. It is divided into two woredas: the city proper and the woreda of Gurgura, which is not in the city. People live in Dire Dawa in the eastern part of the country, next to the Dechatu River, at the base of some cliffs. It is on the Gorro River, which is a tributary of the Dechatu River. The western outskirts of the city are on the river. This place is at 9?36?N 41?52?E, which is its latitude and longitude. The city is an important place for business, with a lot of markets and the Dire Dawa Airport. There were supposed to be 440,000 people living in the city in 2015, but only 277,000 people lived in the city itself, making it the seventh-largest city in Ethiopia.

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