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Port Said is a city in north-eastern Egypt. It is about 30 km (19 miles) long and runs along the Mediterranean Sea, north of the Suez Canal. In 2010, it had an estimated population of 603,787. It is the fifth-largest city in Egypt, and it has a lot of people. The city was built in 1859 when the Suez Canal was being built. There are a lot of old houses in the city that have big balconies on every floor, giving it a unique look. Port Said and Port Fuad are twin cities. Port Fuad is on the east bank of the Suez Canal. The two cities live together to the point that there isn't much of a town centre in Port Fuad. It's easy to get from one city to the other because there are free ferries that run all day long. They make up a metro area with more than a million people on both sides of the Suez Canal. There are only a few cities in the world that are on two different continents. Istanbul is the only one of these cities. Port Said has been a global city since it was founded, and it grew the most in the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s when it was home to people from many different countries and religions. Most of them came from Mediterranean countries, and they lived together peacefully to form a cosmopolitan community. Kipling said this: "If you want to find someone who you have known and who travels to two places on the globe, you have to wait and see. The docks of London and Port Said are two of them." This word was first used in 1855. It was chosen by a group from Great Britain, France, the Russian Empire, Austria, Spain, and Piedmont. It is made up of two parts: Port and Said, which is the name of the ruler of Egypt at the time. Ferdinand de Lesseps was given permission to dig the Suez Canal by Said.

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Tarek Abdel-Aziz
Flat 4, Building 7, 26th Street
Port Said Main 42511
Port Said Egypt

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