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29 Total numbe of Postal code in Matrouh Egypt 

About Matrouh

It's one of the governorates in Egypt. It is in the north-western part of the country, and it is close to Libya. People live in Mersa Matruh, which is the capital of the country. When people lived in ancient times, the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert was known for its shrine to the Egyptian god Amun. The Matrouh Governorate is part of the Western Desert. A depression in the middle of the governorate drops down to 133 metres below sea level. v Paraitônion, Latin Paraetônium, is the name of Marsa Matrouh in ancient Koin Greek and Latin. It was the westernmost city of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in the Hellenistic era, and it was the last one. Libycus nome was divided from Marmarica proper by the city of Apis, which was 18 km west of Paraetonium. Matrouh Governorate has a lot of historical places that are connected to World War II. Then there is el Alamein, which has graves of soldiers from both the Axis and the Allied forces. An estimated 16 million mines, planted by the Europeans during the world wars and called "devil's gardens," still stand in the way of development in most of the governorate. They are being removed on a daily basis.  It has been said that the province is "religiously conservative."

What is Matrouh Address Format?

Mohamed Mahmoud
Flat 4, Building 7, 26th Street
Tanov 61737
Matrouh Egypt

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Matrouh Egypt Postal code format