Luxor Postal Code

85839 - El Melaha Luxor
85852 - El Aqalta Luxor
85861 - El Madamoud Luxor
85956 - Abou El Goud Luxor
85957 - Awwamiyya
85958 - El Baeerat Luxor
85961 - El Qabbahy Luxor
85962 - El Hobail Luxor
85963 - Nagaa El Seyagh Luxor
85855 - El Fatatih
85856 - El Nadafeyin Luxor
85853 - El Gharby Qamoula Luxor
85964 - El Zanaqta Luxor
85857 - El Mehaydat Luxor
85864 - Nagaa El Wehda Luxor
85867 - El Boghdady El Gadid Luxor
85866 - Courts Complex Luxor
85868 - Nagaa El Berka Luxor
85869 - El Rawageh Luxor
85965 - El Karnak 2 Luxor
85959 - Luxor station Sabahi
85969 - El Saayda Luxor
85862 - Madamoud second Luxor
85863 - Tiba El Gadida Luxor
85832 - El Zaineya Bahary Luxor
85854 - El Husseinat Luxor
85881 - Cement
85883 - Nag East Village Qamola
85846 - Arment
85847 - Armant El Hait Arment
85811 - Esna
85815 - El Deir Esna Esna
85845 - El Shoghab Esna
85816 - Alazaima
85821 - El Mataana Esna
85819 - Cayman Almtaana
85812 - Asfoun Esna
85849 - El Maris Luxor
85817 - El Namasa Esna
85814 - El Hella Esna
85813 - Thomas and wellness
85848 - El Rozaiqat Bahary Arment
85818 - El Qaraya Esna
85851 - El Mahameed Bahary Arment
85829 - Tafnis Esna
85827 - El Kalabeya Esna
85824 - Zarnikh Esna
85825 - Kummer Esna
85871 - Agricultural Research Station Esna
85822 - Islamic Complex Esna
85874 - El Maala Esna
85823 - El Masaweya Esna
85826 - El Gharira Esna
85858 - El Rozaiqat Qebly Arment
85828 - Ahamidat East
85865 - Hamlets sea
85872 - El Zeniqa Esna
85873 - El Helela Esna
85875 - El Mahameed Qebly Arment
85876 - El Demoqrat Arment
85859 - Nag Ahmed Saeed
75799 - Canal Nasser
85798 - Hannadi
85878 - El Rayaneya Arment
85797 - Powell
85796 - El Doqaira Esna
85882 - Hager El Maris Arment
85884 - Hager El Adaysat Luxor
85885 - Nagaa El Sheikh Sultan Luxor
85971 - El Sawalha Luxor
85886 - El Rawafaa Luxor
85888 - Sheikh Amer
85972 - Nag preachers
85895 - Turnpike Kummer
85877 - Nag Elzimamy
85967 - Luxor International Airport Luxor
85991 - Luxor (Mobile)
85889 - Hajar Rizeigat Bahri (under construction)
85866 - Courts Complex Luxor
85886 - Peptic ulcer
85868 - Naga Al Taweel ELTod
85839 - Middle East
85959 - Luxor Station (Masai)
85951 - Luxor
85836 - Dabayaa
85844 - Al Adisat
85838 - El Qebly Qamola
85834 - El Bayadeya
85843 - Mansheyet EL Nuba
85955 - Luxor International Airport
85842 - El Tod
85835 - Al Zainiya
85837 - Al Ashi
85833 - Baghdadi
85954 - Karnak Luxor
85953 - Tourism Market
85831 - El Qorna Luxor
85841 - Manshaet El Ammary Luxor
85952 - Sidi Abou El Haggag Luxor

Luxor Postal Code / Luxor Zip Code

99 Total numbe of Postal code in Luxor Egypt 

About Luxor

Luxor is a modern city in Upper (southern) Egypt. It is near the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, which was a very important place. Many people have called Luxor the "world's best open-air museum," because the ruins of the Egyptian temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor are still there in the modern city. The Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens are both on the west bank of the River Nile. The Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens are both on the west bank of the River Nile. Thousands of people from all over the world come to Luxor every year to see the city's ancient monuments. This helps the modern city's economy a lot. 422,407 people live in Luxor in 2021, with an area of about 417 square kilometres (161 sq mi). It is the capital of the Luxor Governorate, and it is a big city. People have lived there for a long time. People used to call Luxor "Luxor," but it was also called "Thebes." Luxor was the capital of Upper Egypt during the New Kingdom. Luxor was also the home of the god Amun, who later became known as Amun-Ra. WAs.t was the name of the city in ancient Egyptian texts. Later, in Demotic Egyptian, it was called ta jpt, which meant "the shrine/temple." The Greeks called it Thebai, and the Romans called it Thebae. If you want to make sure you're not confused with the city of Iunu, or Heliopolis, in the north, you can call Thebes "southern Heliopolis." This is because Thebes was a city with 100 gates. It was also called niw.t, which means "city," and it was one of only three cities in Egypt where this word was used. Memphis and Heliopolis were the other two cities where this word was used. In the 11th Dynasty, when the town became a bustling city, the city became important. Montuhotep II, the ruler of Egypt after the First Intermediate Period, brought stability to the land as the city grew in size and importance. This is how it worked: Kush, which is in northern Sudan today, was visited by the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom when they went on trips to Canaan, Phoenicia, and Syria. The city grew rich and became important on a global level. From the 18th Dynasty to the 20th Dynasty, Thebes rose to be the political, religious, and military capital of Ancient Egypt. Thebes played a big role in getting rid of the Hyksos' forces from Upper Egypt. Among those who came to live there were the Babylonians and Mitanni. The Hittites of Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) were also there. Canaanites, Phoenicians, and Minoans from the island of Crete were also there. As far as we know, a Hittite prince from Anatolia even came to marry the wife of Tutankhamun, Ankhesenamun. In the Late Period, however, Thebes lost its political and military importance. The cities of Bubastis, Sais, and finally Alexandria took its place as the capital of Egypt. However, because Thebes was the home of the god Amun-Ra, it stayed the religious capital of Egypt until the Greeks came. Amun was the main god of the city, and he was worshipped with his wife, Mut, and their son, Khonsu, the God of the moon. With the rise of Thebes as the most important city in Egypt, the local god Amun became more important and was linked to the sun god Ra. This made Amun-Ra the new "king of gods." At Karnak, north of Thebes, he built a huge temple. It was Egypt's most important temple until the end of history. When Assyrian Emperor Assurbanipal came to the city, he put a new prince on the throne named Psamtik I. People didn't care about Thebes anymore because it was in ruins and no longer important. That's not the only thing Alexander did. He went to the temple of Amun, where the god's statue was moved from Karnak to there during the Opet Festival, which is a big religious event in Egypt. Thebes was a place of spirituality even into the Christian era. Many Christian monks from the Roman Empire came to Thebes and set up monasteries near many ancient monuments, including the temple of Hatshepsut, which is now called Deir el-Bahri ("the northern monastery")

What is Luxor Address Format?

Ali Hassan
Flat 4, Building 7, 26th Street
El Melaha Luxor 85839
Luxor Egypt

What is Luxor Zipcode Format?
Luxor Egypt Postal code format