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55 Total numbe of Postal code in Damietta Egypt 

About Damietta

Damietta is a port city and the capital of the Damietta Governorate in Egypt. It was once a bishopric and is now a number of Catholic titular sees. There, it is at the Damietta branch, which is an eastern branch of the Nile Delta. It is about 15 kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea and about 200 kilometres north of Cairo. This is where the Nile River meets the Mediterranean Sea. Stephanus Byzantius, a 6th-century geographer, talked about it. In the Hellenistic period, it was called Tamiathis, and it was also called that. The town was taken by the Arabs under Caliph Omar (579–644), and the Byzantine Empire tried to get it back a lot, especially in 739, 821, 921, and 968. In order to get to India and China from the Abbasids, they used Alexandria, Damietta, Aden, and Siraf as places to start. It was a very important place for ships to dock during the Abbasid, Tulunid, and Fatimid eras. Attacks by the Byzantine Empire started to happen after this. The city was taken and destroyed in May 853, when the city was sacked and burned down by the Empire. Damietta was important again in the 12th and 13th centuries, when the Crusades took place, when people were going to fight. In 1169, a fleet from the Kingdom of Jerusalem, with help from the Byzantine Empire, tried to take the port. The besiegers didn't manage to take the port, which was protected by Saladin. This is what happened in preparation for the Fifth Crusade in 1217. It was decided that Damietta should be the target of attack. Taking over Damietta meant taking over the Nile, and the crusaders thought they could take Egypt from there. When they got to Egypt, they could then go to Palestine and take back Jerusalem. After the Crusaders took over the port of Damietta in 1218–1219, it was used as a base for their troops. The siege of Damietta killed a lot of people in the city. After the crusaders took over Damietta in November 1219, they took the city and ransacked it. Francis of Assisi came to the Muslim ruler earlier this year to try to work things out in a peaceful way. In 1221, the Crusaders tried to march to Cairo, but they were stopped by nature and Muslim defences. As part of the Seventh Crusade, which was led by Louis IX of France, Damietta was also a goal. As the Fifth Crusade came to an end, his fleet arrived there in 1249 and quickly took the fortress. He refused to give it to the nominal king of Jerusalem, whom it had been promised to during the Fifth Crusade. After all, Louis had to give up the city of Damietta as ransom when he was taken prisoner with his army in April 1250. Hearing that Louis was preparing a new crusade, the Mamluk Sultan Baibars, in view of the importance of the town to the Crusaders, destroyed it in 1251 and rebuilt it with stronger fortifications a few kilometers from the river in the early 1260s, making the mouth of the Nile at Damietta impassable for ships.

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Ahmed Mohamed
Flat 4, Building 7, 26th Street
Housing Mubarak Damietta 34325
Damietta Egypt

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