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Zamora Chinchipe, in the province of Zamora In the province of Chinchipe, which is part of the Republic of Ecuador, you can find the provinces of Azuay and Morona Santiago to the north, Loja and Azuay to the west, and Peru to the east and south. Chinchipe is at the southeastern end of the Amazon Basin. The province covers an area of about 10,456 km2. It has a unique topography that makes it stand out from the other Amazonian provinces. Zamora-Chinchipe is mostly known for its mining industry, indigenous groups that have a lot of history, biodiversity, and unique and beautiful waterfalls that are popular with tourists. Because the province was formed when the Zamora and Chinchipe cantons were combined by the government, it is called Zamora Province. The capital city of the province is Zamora, which is in the city of Zamora.

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