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Oriente is a province in Ecuador that is in the eastern jungle. Pastaza is a city in this province. The capital is Puyo, which was built in 1899 and has 36,700 people. Recently, the city has been made accessible by paved roads. The main road from Baos to the province follows the Pastaza River into Baos County. River: The Pastaza River gushes into this province on its way from west. It then meanders on to a river that flows into the Amazon, the Napo, which is one of its smaller rivers. For example, there are bananas and grapefruit on the land of Pastaza. There are bananas and grapefruit on the land of Pastaza. Tea has been grown by a few British companies, and in the mid-1980s, one of the companies was even visited by Princess Margaret from the royal family of Great Britain. The landscape is mostly mountainous in the western part of the province. As it nears the Peruvian border, the landscape flattens out. Rivers and plains make up most of the province. The highest point is 1,820 metres (5,970 ft). The climate is hot and humid because of the almost 7 metres of annual rainfall (22 feet) in the parts of the province near the western mountains. There is a lot of rain in the whole province. Between 18 and 24 Celsius, the average temperature is right in the middle of the range. It is said that there is a lot of gold in the rivers of Pastaza. To this point, there haven't been any big gold discoveries. Several dangerous animals, such as snakes and scorpions, can be found in the province. In any trekking through the jungles, parks, and trails, people should be careful. Some snakes are very good at hiding in trees, so walking sticks and machetes are a good idea if you're going to be walking. The plants in this area are amazing. There are a few parks in the area that have been built with a lot of natural orchids from the area, and admission to these parks isn't very expensive. There are almost always rains in the late afternoon, but they can happen at any time of the day. Rainy day clothes are recommended because the rain is almost always there. In North America, the rain is very warm. Pastaza is the largest province in Ecuador and the one with the most species. There are two provinces to the north of Pastaza: Napo and Orellana. To the south is Morona Santiago, to the east is Peru, and to the west are the provinces of Tungurahua and Morona Santiago. The total population is about 83,930 people.

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