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When you go to Ecuador, you'll find Napo in the country. Tena is the capital city. The province has the Napo River in it. The province isn't very developed, and there aren't many businesses in it. In the dense rainforest, there are many natives who prefer to stay out of the way. They are descendants of people who fled the Spanish invasion in the Andes and the Incas years before. In 2000, the province was the only one in Ecuador that was still a majority-indigenous area. 56.3 percent of the people in the province claimed to be indigenous or spoke an indigenous language. This province is one of many in Ecuador's part of the Amazon Rainforest, and it is one of them. All of these places are in Napo province as well. Antisana Ecological Reserve, Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, and Limoncocha National Biological Reserve are also in this area.

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