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Province: Canar is in Ecuador and it is in the country of Ecuador. Azogues is the capital. As of 2010, there were more than 225,184 people in the province. It has the 16th-century ruins of Ingapirca, which is the best-known Inca settlement in Ecuador and was built after the Incas took over the Caari people. The Canari are an indigenous group of people who have lived in the modern provinces of Azuay and Canar in Ecuador for a long time. In pre-Columbian times, they were part of a group of independent tribes that lived together. People who lived in the past are known for their resistance to the Inca Empire. The Inca eventually took over the Caari in the early 16th century, just before the arrival of the Spanish. The Caari later teamed up with the Spanish to fight the Inca. Today, the number of Canari people, many of whom are mestizos, is in the thousands. People in the past kept their land safe from many Incan armies for a long time. Tpac Yupanqui took over the Huancabambas, the most southern of the Canari allies that he had. Huayna Capac, the leader of the Inca Empire in the north, led his people through wars and marriages until they finally took over their land. The Canari were allowed to run their own businesses but had to learn a new language to communicate with the Inca. The tribe lived mostly in the Tumebamba area (present day Cuenca). Due in part to the influence of the Incans, Canari construction is said to have been better than that of the Incan capital, Cuzco. The impressive architecture of Tumebamba, which has been called the "second Cuzco," was a big draw. They sided with Huascar in a war between the sons of Huayna Capac, even though they were in the northern part of the country that Atahualpa had won. At first, Huascar's generals Atoc and Hango did well, defeating Atahualpa's army, capturing many of his soldiers, and taking over the cities of Cajamarca and Tumebamba. With help from his father's trusted generals, Atahualpa was able to defeat the Huascaran army in the battles of Mullihambato and Chimborazo. As a result, these people were forced back to the south by this. When he reached Tumebamba, he took and killed Huascar's generals and killed the Canari supporters. "Canari" is the name of a snake and a macaw. The word comes from the words "kan" and "ara," which both mean snake. This means that the Canari thought that their ancestors were the snake and the macaw. Another possibility is that they thought these animals were important, as shown by stories and designs. Groups of people in the Canari family had their own cultures. A lot of these tribes lived in the area where Azogues is now, and one was the Peleusis, which was in charge of other tribes in the area. According to a traditional story, the caciques Tenemaza and Carchipulla built the Pelusis in the area where it is now. These names are still used in the province.

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