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People in the Dominican Republic call it San Pedro de Macoris, which is also the name of its capital city. The city is very busy because it is close to the national capital, Santo Domingo, and because of its important role in the sugar industry. For the first two numbers on their Dominican ID, or Cedula, it is called San Pedro, SPM, or Serie 23. This is because the province is called this informally. People who live in San Pedro de Macoris are called petromacorisanos. In many ways, the culture of the province is like that of the other eastern provinces, like how they dress and what they do. Diablos (demons) from the region of Gualoyas and Buloyas (Guloyas and Buloyas) often use fuetes (whips) during the carnival season, which is linked to the traditional cattle farming of the whole region. All of Dominican culture comes together in Serie 23. Pedro Mir, one of the country's most famous writers, lived there and wrote many famous books. Miami Vice, The Good Shepherd, and Sugar have used the beautiful architecture of Serie 23 as a backdrop in the past few years to make their movies look better. It is often used as a substitute for Havana, Cuba, because it is so close. As the capital of the San Pedro de Macoris province, San Pedro de Macoris (also called San Pedro de Macoris Municipality) is a city in the Dominican Republic. It is one of the 10 largest cities in Dominican Republic, and it is one of the most important cities in the country. The city is home to about 195,000 people, if you add in people from the surrounding metro area. As the capital of the province, it is home to the Universidad Central del Este university. Before Macors, San Pedro was the name of a city in Spain. People say there are three different reasons why the city is called San Pedro. The first is that there is a San Pedro Beach in the city port; the second says it was a tribute to General Pedro Santana, who was president at the time; and the third says it was to separate it from San Francisco de Macors, a city in the north. San Pedro de Macoris has been called "Macoras of the Sea," "The Sultana of the East," and "Capital of the East." It has also been called "Macoras of the Sea."

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