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Some people call it Monte Cristi, which is a province in the northwest of the country. There is a city called San Fernando de Monte Cristi as the capital (usually simply Monte Cristi). The word Montecristi is also used. This word is also used. The province of Montecristi is in the Cibao frontier region. It is on the north coast of the country, and it borders the country of Haiti. Because the Montecristi provincial land is so big, it is 1,924.35 km2. It is made up of six cities and four districts. People who live in Montecristi live on the Duarte Highway. This highway runs through the country from the southern city of Santo Domingo to the north. In addition, the province has a network of secondary roads that connect the city of San Fernando de Montecristi with other cities and provinces in the area.

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