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La Romana is a city in the Dominican Republic, which is a country. There is also a capital city called La Romana. It is the third-largest city in the country. In 1944, La Romana was given the title of province. Catalina Island, La Romana, the Dominican Republic. This is the file you want. It looks like a cruise liner is nearing the shore of Catalina Island in the sea. The landscape or the view from the shore is in this picture. In addition, La Romana is home to Casa de Campo, one of the world's largest resorts and one of the best places to play golf. This includes the Teeth of the Dog golf course. Many international and local artists perform at "Altos de Chavon," which is both an artistic community and a college. La Romana is a port city in the Dominican Republic. It is the country's 7th-largest by population, and it is a great place to live (around 130,000, metro around 215,000). The city is next to Catalina Island and about 80 km (50 miles) from Santo Domingo. A balance is used to weigh goods for export. Its name comes from the way it looks. Santa Rosa de Lima is the name of the town's saint. La Romana is a town and the capital of the southeastern province of La Romana, which is next to Catalina Island. It is one of the 10 largest cities in the Dominican Republic, with a population of 130,426 in the city limits and 214,109 in the metro area. 127,623 of these people live in the city, and 2,803 live outside the city. The name Romana comes from the word "Bomana," which is what the Indians called the river that is now known as the Romana River today. In 2000, the new La Romana International Airport was open for business. A lot of other cities are near the city, like San Pedro de Macors and the country's capital. City: The city is a hub for a growing tourism industry, with a lot of local resorts close by. These include Bayahibe, Dominicus, Casa de Campo, and the growing number of golf resorts that are near the area, too.

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