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Elias Pina is the westernmost province in the Dominican Republic. It is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic. People live in six municipalities and the capital city is Comendador, which is where most of them live. People live in Dajabon to the north, Santiago Rodrguez to the north-east, San Juan to the east, Independencia in Haiti to the south, and the Nord-Est department of Haiti to the west. Elias Pina was named San Rafael in 1942. In 1965, it changed its name to Estrelleta. Finally, in 1972, it changed its name back to what it is now, which was Estrelleta. It was a town in the San Juan province before it became a province. They are: Dajabon and Santiago Rodrguez in the north; San Juan in the east; Independencia south; and Haiti west. The Elias Pina Province has them all. It was during the Dominican-Haitian War that Elias Pina was an officer in the Dominican army. La Margarita is near the town of Comendador, and he was born there. He died in 1845 when he was trying to take over a fortified place in Banica.

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