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Mayabeque Province is one of two new provinces that came from the old La Habana Province. The other province is Artemisa Province, which was approved by the Cuban National Assembly on August 1, 2010. When the new provinces came into being on January 1, 2011, they were called "new." A new province called Mayabeque was formed from the eastern parts of the old province of La Habana. It has the capital city of San Jose de las Lajas. Because the largest river in Mayabeque Province is the Mayabeque River, it's called Mayabeque Province. Also, the south shore of Mayabeque beach, which is thought to be the original location of Havana village, is called Mayabeque Beach. When the new province was added to the country, it became the smallest (excluding Havana city province) and least populated one. Mayabeque's economy is mostly based on farming (potatoes, fruits, vegetables, sugar cane), as well as milk production from livestock. It also has a very important business sector that is mostly in San Jose de las Lajas and Santa Cruz del Norte. There are a lot of different things that people make: building materials and electrical cables; rubber and glass vessels; ceramics; food processing; paper making; bio-pharmaceuticals; fishing products; and oil and gas extraction. Two large Havana Club rum factories and power plants are also in the province. There are also important scientific institutions and an agricultural science university in the area.

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