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Cienfuegos is the capital of the province of Cienfuegos. It is a city on the southern coast of Cuba. There are 150,000 people there. It is about 250 km (160 miles) from Havana. It has been a major industrial centre in Cuba for a long time now, especially in energy and sugar. Cienfuegos has been a major industrial centre for a long time now. La Perla del Sur is the name of the city in the southern part (Pearl of the South). Cienfuegos means "one hundred fires," but the city's name comes from the surname of Jose Cienfuegos, who was Captain General of Cuba (1816?19). in 2005, UNESCO added the Urban Historic Center of Cienfuegos to the World Heritage List, citing Cienfuegos as the best example of how the Spanish Enlightenment was used in urban planning in the early 1800s. In the downtown area, there are six buildings from 1819?50, 327 buildings from 1851?1900, and 1188 buildings from the 20th century that are still there. There is no other place in the Caribbean that has so many Neoclassical buildings.

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