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Roraima Postal code

Roraima postal code is also know as Roraima CEP (Codigo de Enderecamento Postal), Roraima Brazil postal code system was introduced by the Correios (Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telegrafos) in 1993. for making it easier to sort and send mail, Roraima postal code used a 8-digit postal code XXXXX-XXX.

There are total 15 Postal code in Roraima Brazil. for example postal code of Roraima 69343-000, where 69 is Roraima postal region code and 343 is Amajari code and last 3-digit 000 delivery area code.


1. How many digits are there in a Roraima Brazil postal codes?
Roraima Brazil used a 8-digit postal code system.

2. What is the postal code for Sao Joao da Baliza, Roraima?
Sao Joao da Baliza, Roraima postal code is 69375-000.

3. What is the postal code for Sao Luiz, Roraima?
Sao Luiz, Roraima postal code is 69370-000.

About Roraima

In Brazil, there are 26 states. The state called Roraima is one of them, though. It is in the countrys North Region and is the northernmost and most isolated state in Brazil in terms of both geography and transportation. It is next to the state of Para to the southeast, Amazonas to the south and west, Venezuela to the north and northwest, and Guyana to the east. It is also next to the states of Venezuela and Guyana. The state has an area of about 223,644.527 square kilometres, which is about the same size as Belarus. It is the fourteenth-largest state in Brazil by area. This is the capital and largest city in the state of Boa Vista. It is also the only capital in the country that is entirely in the North. This is the governor of the state: Antonio Denarium. He has been in charge of the state since 2019 State: Roraima has 631,181 people in it in 2020, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics says (IBGE). Besides, it is the state that has the lowest population density in Brazil. There are 2.01 people per square kilometre in this state. It has the lowest GDP in the country, with R$ 13.370 billion, which is only 0.15 percent of the Brazilian economy. Its economy is mostly based on the tertiary sector. In the past, the Branco River has played a big role in the history of Roraima and its people. It was through this river that the first Portuguese people came to the area. There was always a lot of interest from English and Dutch people who came into Brazil through the Guiana Shield in search of indigenous people to slave. The Branco River Valley was always a good place for them. The Spaniards also came to Venezuela and took over the northern part of the Branco River and the Uraricoera River, which is in Venezuela. The Portuguese settlers were able to defeat and expel all of the invaders, establishing Portugals rule over the region of Roraima and part of the Amazonas. It comes from the language of the Pemon people. It could mean ""Green Peak,"" ""Mother of the Winds,"" or ""Cashew Mountain."" When roro and im meet, it would be called roro-im (father, former). In that language, roro- or also rora- means ""green,"" and im means mountain or peak, so the word ""Green Peak"" refers to the natural landscape of that area. Some people think that the word for ""mother of the wind,"" ""Roraima,"" could also mean ""Cashew Mountain."" There is a first meaning that comes from the fact that the area is windy. The Indigenous people thought that the winds that blew in southern Venezuela came from that place. The second, ""Cashew Mountain,"" is because there are a lot of mountains and hills in the area.

What is Roraima Address Format?

Fernanda Santos
Avenida JoAO Jorge, 112, Ap. 31

What is Roraima Zipcode Format?
Roraima Brazil Postal code format