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Amapa Postal code

Amapa postal code is also know as Amapa CEP (Codigo de Enderecamento Postal), Amapa Brazil postal code system was introduced by the Correios (Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telegrafos) in 1993. for making it easier to sort and send mail, Amapa postal code used a 8-digit postal code XXXXX-XXX.

There are total 16 Postal code in Amapa Brazil. for example postal code of Amapa 68950-000, where 68 is Amapa postal region code and 950 is Amapa code and last 3-digit 000 delivery area code.


1. How many digits are there in a Amapa Brazil postal codes?
Amapa Brazil used a 8-digit postal code system.

2. What is the postal code for Tartarugalzinho, Amapa?
Tartarugalzinho, Amapa postal code is 68990-000.

3. What is the postal code for Vitoria do Jari, Amapa?
Vitoria do Jari, Amapa postal code is 68924-000.

About Amapa

Amapa is a state in the northern part of Brazil. It is the state with the second least people and the 18th largest area. Amapa is in the far north of the country. It is bordered by French Guiana to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Para to the south and west, and Suriname to the north. The largest and most important city is Macapa. Only 0.22 percent of the Brazilian GDP comes from the state. It has 0.4 percent of the countrys population and only 0.22 percent of its GDP. In the colonial era, the region was called Portuguese Guiana and was part of Portugals State of Brazil, which was a country in South America. In the future, the region was separate from the rest of the Guianas. Before 1943, Amapa was a part of Para. It was made a state in 1990. There is a lot of Amazon Rainforest in this part of the world, and it covers 90% of its total area. Seventy percent of Amapa is covered by unexplored forests, and the largest tropical forest park in the world was established in 2002. River Oiapoque is the northernmost point of coastal Brazil.

What is Amapa Address Format?

Lucas Oliveira
Avenida JoAO Jorge, 112, Ap. 31

What is Amapa Zipcode Format?
Amapa Brazil Postal code format