Wangdue Phodrang Zip code

Wangdue Phodrang Postal Code / Wangdue Phodrang Zip code

Wangdue Phodrang postal code is also known as Wangdue Phodrang postcode, Wangdue Phodrang Bhutan postal code system was developed by the BhutanPost to identify the graphical area and locate places in Wangdue Phodrang. and used a 5-digit postal code format XXXXX.


1. What is the format of a Wangdue Phodrang Bhutan postal code?
Wangdue Phodrang Bhutanese postal code is a 5-digit (NNNNN).

2. does Wangdue Phodrang have zip code?
Wangdue Phodrang zip code is similar to postal code in Wangdue Phodrang.

About Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdue Phodrang District is a dzongkhag (district) in the middle of Bhutan. A dzong called Wangdue Phodrang, which was built in 1638, is also called this. This is also the name of a small town outside the dzongs gates. It is the capital of the district (dzongkhag thromde). Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal is said to have given the name. He was looking for the best place to build a monastery to keep people from coming from the south. The word ""wangdue"" means to bring together the country, and ""Phodrang"" means Palace in Dzongkha. It is the second-largest dzongkhag in Bhutan. It is bordered by the dzongkhags of Dagana and Tsirang to the south, Tongsa dzongkhag to the east, Thimphu and Punakha to the west, Gasa dzongkhag and a small section of the border with Tibet to the north, and Gasa dzongkhag and a small section of the border with Tibet to the south. It is on Bhutans list of places that could be added to UNESCOs World Heritage List.

What is Wangdue Phodrang Address Format?

Karma Chime
House No. 123 Tshogong Building
Wangdue Phodrang Bhutan

What is Wangdue Phodrang Zipcode Format?
Wangdue Phodrang Bhutan Postal code format