Tsirang Zip code

Tsirang Postal Code / Tsirang Zip code

Tsirang postal code is also known as Tsirang postcode, Tsirang Bhutan postal code system was developed by the BhutanPost to identify the graphical area and locate places in Tsirang. and used a 5-digit postal code format XXXXX.


1. What is the format of a Tsirang Bhutan postal code?
Tsirang Bhutanese postal code is a 5-digit (NNNNN).

2. does Tsirang have zip code?
Tsirang zip code is similar to postal code in Tsirang.

About Tsirang

In Bhutan, there are 20 districts called dzongkhags (districts). Tsirang is one of them. As a place to run things, Damphu is the districts capital. There is a Bhutanese monastery called Tsirang Dzong in the city of Damphu. Tsirang is known for having gentle slopes and mild weather. The dzongkhag is also known for its rich biodiversity. However, it is one of the few dzongkhags that doesnt have a protected area, so it doesnt get as much attention. This district is home to a long river in Bhutan called the Punatsang Chhu, or Sankosh river. It runs through the district. It is the main area where the Lhotshampa lives. Rigsum Pemai Dumra and Tsirang Namgyel Chholing Dratshang are two of the most beautiful places in the country, and Nye is another one.

What is Tsirang Address Format?

Ngawang Pelden
House No. 123 Tshogong Building
Tsirang Bhutan

What is Tsirang Zipcode Format?
Tsirang Bhutan Postal code format