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Thimphu Postal Code / Thimphu Zip code

Thimphu postal code is also known as Thimphu postcode, Thimphu Bhutan postal code system was developed by the BhutanPost to identify the graphical area and locate places in Thimphu. and used a 5-digit postal code format XXXXX.


1. What is the format of a Thimphu Bhutan postal code?
Thimphu Bhutanese postal code is a 5-digit (NNNNN).

2. does Thimphu have zip code?
Thimphu zip code is similar to postal code in Thimphu.

About Thimphu

There is a big city in Bhutan called Thimphu that is both the capital and the largest. It is in the western part of Bhutan, and the area around it is one of Bhutans dzongkhags, the Thimphu District. Thimphu was chosen as the new capital city of Bhutan in 1955, and in 1961, the third Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuck made it the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Punakha was the old capital city of Bhutan. north?south direction on the west bank of the Wang Chhu valley. This valley flows into India and is known as the Raidak River. When it comes to altitude, Thimphu is the fifth-highest capital in the world. It has a height range of 7,375 feet to 2,648 feet. Because Thimphu isnt a big city, it doesnt have its own airport. Instead, it has to use the Paro Airport, which is 52 kilometres (32 miles) away by road. There are a lot of farms and livestock in Bhutans capital, Thimphu, which makes up about 45 percent of the countrys GDP. Tourism, even though it helps the economy, is very controlled to keep a balance between tradition, development, and modernization. Most of the important political buildings in Bhutan are in the city of Thimphu. These include the National Assembly of the new parliamentary democracy and the Dechencholing Palace, the official residence of the King, which is to the north of the city. The ""Thimphu Structure Plan, 2002-2027,"" which is an urban development plan, is in charge of the citys development. Its goal is to protect the fragile ecology of the valley. Some of this development was paid for by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Books, religion, customs, and national dress codes are all shown in the city of Thimphu. The media also shows the culture of Bhutan. Tshechu is a very important festival in Bhutan when mask dances, also known as Cham dances, are shown in the courtyards of the Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu. When does it happen? It usually takes place in September or October, on dates that match up with Bhutans calendar.

What is Thimphu Address Format?

Tshering Dorji
House No. 123 Tshogong Building
Thimphu Bhutan

What is Thimphu Zipcode Format?
Thimphu Bhutan Postal code format