Lhuntse Zip code

Lhuntse Postal Code / Lhuntse Zip code

Lhuntse postal code is also known as Lhuntse postcode, Lhuntse Bhutan postal code system was developed by the BhutanPost to identify the graphical area and locate places in Lhuntse. and used a 5-digit postal code format XXXXX.


1. What is the format of a Lhuntse Bhutan postal code?
Lhuntse Bhutanese postal code is a 5-digit (NNNNN).

2. does Lhuntse have zip code?
Lhuntse zip code is similar to postal code in Lhuntse.

About Lhuntse

People call the town Lhuentse, Lhuntse, or Lhuntshi, but its also called Lhuntse or Lhuntshi. Its in northeastern Bhutan. It is about 70 km from Mongar, 145 km from Trashigang, and 452 km from Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. Its about 130 km from Yongphulla Airport to get there by plane. Gangzur, Jaray, Kurtoe, Khoma, Maenbi, Maedtsho, Minjey, and Tsaenkhar are the eight Gewogs in Lhuentse. People live in Lhuntse District, which is one of the 20 dzongkhag that make up Bhutan. It has 2506 families in it. People in Lhuntse live in one of Bhutans least developed dzhongkhags, which is where its at. A gas station opened in September 2005. There are few roads, electricity isnt well-spread, and social welfare can be hard to distribute because of the difficult land. Even though the area has a good climate, farming isnt possible because there isnt enough infrastructure.

What is Lhuntse Address Format?

Kinley Phuentsho
House No. 123 Tshogong Building
Lhuntse Bhutan

What is Lhuntse Zipcode Format?
Lhuntse Bhutan Postal code format