Haa Zip code

Haa Postal Code / Haa Zip code

Haa postal code is also known as Haa postcode, Haa Bhutan postal code system was developed by the BhutanPost to identify the graphical area and locate places in Haa. and used a 5-digit postal code format XXXXX.


1. What is the format of a Haa Bhutan postal code?
Haa Bhutanese postal code is a 5-digit (NNNNN).

2. does Haa have zip code?
Haa zip code is similar to postal code in Haa.

About Haa

Haa, Ha, or Has is a Thromde or town in Bhutan. It is the capital of Haa District and the place where people live. Ha, Bhutan has a post office. Haa is in the Haa Valley in the western part of Bhutan, near Sikkim, and it has a lot of people who are Tibetan and Han. Rice farming, yak herding, and trade with China are the main economic activities in the area. Haa has space for the Indian Military Training Team (Also known as IMTRAT). Its in charge of training the people in the Royal Bhutan Army and the Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan (RBG). It is the oldest training team sent outside of India to a country that is friendly to India. The place is important because Lhakhang Karpo and other monasteries are there.

What is Haa Address Format?

Tshering Dorji
House No. 123 Tshogong Building
Haa Bhutan

What is Haa Zipcode Format?
Haa Bhutan Postal code format