Neufchteau Zip code

Neufchteau Postal code

Neufchteau postal code is also know as Neufchteau zip code, Neufchteau Belgium postal code system was introduced by the bpost(formerly known as La Poste/De Post) for making it easier to sort and send mail. Neufchteau postal code used a 4-digit postal code XXXX.

There are total 72 Postal code in Neufchteau Belgium.


1. How many digits are there in a Neufchteau Belgium postal codes?
Neufchteau Belgium used a 4-digit postal code system.

2. What is the post code for Libramont-Chevigny, Neufchteau?
Libramont-Chevigny, Neufchteau post code is 6800.

What is Neufchteau Address Format?

Charlotte Dubois
63 Rue Elie Gruyelle Henin

What is Neufchteau Zipcode Format?
Neufchteau Belgium Postal code format