Diksmuide Zip code

Diksmuide Postal code

Diksmuide postal code is also know as Diksmuide zip code, Diksmuide Belgium postal code system was introduced by the bpost(formerly known as La Poste/De Post) for making it easier to sort and send mail. Diksmuide postal code used a 4-digit postal code XXXX.

There are total 31 Postal code in Diksmuide Belgium. 


1. How many digits are there in a Diksmuide Belgium postal codes?
Diksmuide Belgium used a 4-digit postal code system.

2. What is the post code for Stuivekenskerke, Diksmuide?
Stuivekenskerke, Diksmuide post code is 8600.

What is Diksmuide Address Format?

Quentin Hondt
Avenue Marnix, 30

What is Diksmuide Zipcode Format?
Diksmuide Belgium Postal code format