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The parish of Saint James (also known as "St. James") is a part of the country of Barbados that is in the western part of the country. A lot of people now think of St. James as a playground for the rich and famous, and as a haven for sun-starved tourists because of its high-end hotel resorts. St. James used to be called the "Gold Coast," but now it's more commonly called the "Platinum Coast." This is because of the parish's many glitzy beachfront mansions, beautiful beaches, and high land prices. The parish also has a lot of history to it, because the first British settlers came here in 1625. This is how it worked: The British took over Barbados when they arrived in St. James' current town of Holetown, which used to be called Jamestown because it was named after the King. This settlement turned Barbados into "Little England." Shops and restaurants in Holetown make Saint James a popular shopping and dining destination. It's also home to a church and a sugar factory that are still in use, making it an important part of Barbados' tourism industry. If you're rich, you'll love the beach area of St. James. But the whole town isn't very exclusive. There are more than 20,000 people from other countries living in Barbados' largest parish, St. John. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels. The Queen's College, one of the best schools in both Barbados and the Caribbean, is in the parish. It was founded by British plantation owner Colonel Henry Drax more than 100 years ago. At its most rural, the parish has a lot of small towns and villages, like Fitts Village, that are full of activity, near-family friendship, and a lively social atmosphere.

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