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People in Armenia live in Stepanavan, which is a town and a community in the Lori province. It is 139 km north of Yerevan and 24 km north of the provincial capital of Vanadzor. It is in the middle of the highway between Yerevan and Tbilisi. There are 13,086 people in the town now. As of 2016, the town's population was estimated to be 10,800 people. The town of Stepanavan is a popular place to visit in northern Armenia because it is near the Dzoraget River, which flows through the Lori plateau and the Bazum mountains. Stepanavan was founded in 1810 as Jalaloghli, which means "son of Jalal" in Turkic. There was a high-ranking Armenian family called Hasan-Jalalyan, and this is how the name came to be: People in the town say that Prince Davit Hasan-Jalalyan built the town in 1810. In 1923, Jalaloghli was changed to Stepanavan, which means "town of Stepan" in Armenian. This was in honour of the Bolshevik leader Stepan Shaumian.

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