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Town: Sisian is a town in the Syunik Province in southern Armenia. It is the main place for people to live in the city of Sisian. You can get there by car from Yerevan in 217 km, or by bus from Kapan in 115 km. It is on the Vorotan River, and is 6 km south of the highway from Yerevan to Meghri. There were more than 14,000 people in the town as of 2011. People in Sisian are thought to be about 12,900. The present-day area As time went on, ancient people and people living in the Middle Ages also called Sisian by other names, such as Sisakan and Sisavan. He says that the name Sisakan came from a mythical ancestor of the Armenian princely house of Syuni called Sisak.

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