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Meghri is a town in southern Armenia, near the border with Iran. It is the centre of the Meghri urban community, which is made up of a lot of small towns. People lived there in the town of 4,580 in 2011. People in Meghri are expected to be around 4,500 by 2020, according to the official figure. Meghri is 376 km south of Yerevan and 73 km south of the provincial capital of Kapan. Meghri became bigger in 2016 because of community mergers. The village of Meghri now includes the villages of Alvank, Aygedzor, Gudemnis, Karchevan, Kuris, Lehvaz, Lichk, Nrnadzor, Shvanidzor, Tashtun, Tkhkut, Vahravar, and Vardandidzor. Meghri was built as "Karchavan" in 906 by King Smbat I of Armenia, during the time when the Bagratid Kingdom of Armenia was in power. A few years ago, it was called Meghri, which means "honey town" in the Armenian language.

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