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Dilijan is a spa town and a city in Armenia's Tavush Province. The town is one of the most important places to visit in Armenia, because it is in the Dilijan National Park. Many Armenian artists, composers, and filmmakers live in the wooded town. It also has some traditional Armenian architecture. People in the town call it the Armenian Switzerland or "Little Switzerland" because it's so small and pretty. Sharambeyan Street, which is in the middle of the city, has been kept as the heart of Dilijan's old town, with craftsman's workshops, a gallery, and a museum. Hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking are some of the most popular recreational activities. It has 17,712 people in the city of Dilijan in 2011. Dilijan is now the fastest-growing city in Armenia. It was named after Dili, a shepherd, in an old myth. Dili was in love with his master's daughter, but her father didn't like it and told him to kill the shepherd. Grieving and looking for her only son for many long and dark days, the heartbroken mother screamed, "Dili jan..!" over and over again. "Jan is an Armenian term of endearment that is added to the name of someone who is a friend or family member." He is said to have lived in the area later, and it was named after him.

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