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Armenians live in the city of Artik, which is both a town and an urban municipal community. It had 19,534 people living there in 2011. Around 18,800 people call Artik home. That's how many people the city had in 2016. A lot of people know Artik for the pink and rosy-colored tufa stones that it makes. It is the main place in Armenia where tufa and travertine are made. If you go back to an 11th-century inscription that was found in the Lmbatavank monastery of Artik, the town was known as Hartk in the Middle Ages. After that, it was known as Ardik, or Ardik's. According to locals, the name is made up of two parts: Ar, which comes from Mount Aragats, and tik, which means leaning in Armenian. Thus, the name Artik most likely refers to a person leaning on Aragats.

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