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In Armenia, Ararat is a province (marz) of the country. Its capital and largest city is the town of Artashat, which is also its name. The province is named after Mount Ararat, which is from the Bible. It is on the western side of Turkey, and on the southern side of Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is Turkey. It surrounds the Karki exclave of Nakhichevan, which Armenia took over in May 1992 during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War. Since then, Armenia has been in charge of the area. It is surrounded by Armavir Province to the northwest, Kotayk Province to the north, Gegharkunik Province to the east, Vayots Dzor Province to the southeast, and Yerevan to the north. Ararat is also surrounded by Armenia. Artaxata and Dvin, two cities that were the capitals of Armenia in the past, are now in the modern-day Ararat Province. It is also home to the Khor Virap monastery, which is important because it is where Gregory the Illuminator was held for 13 years and is the closest point in Armenia to Mount Ararat. Ararat is named after the province of Armenia that was called Ayrarat in the past. In Movses Khorenatsi's book and the Ashkharatsuyts, a mediaeval Armenian geography book, Ayrarat was one of the 15 provinces of Armenia Major. It was thought to be the heart of the Armenian Highlands. It is thought that the name Ararat is the Armenian word for Urartu. As a town and urban community in Armenia, Ararat is on the Yerevan-Nakhchivan highway, 42 km (26 miles) southeast of Yerevan. It is 19 km (12 miles) south of the provincial capital, Artashat. There were 20,235 people living in the town in 2011. Official estimates from 2016 say that there are about 20,300 people in the city.

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