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Tucuman is the province with the most people and the second-smallest land area in Argentina. People call the province of San Miguel de Tucuman, or "Tucuman," the capital. It's in the northwest of the country and has the city as its main city. Salta, Santiago del Estero, and Catamarca are the three provinces that are next to each other. It is called El Jardin de la Repblica (The Garden of the Republic) because it is a very good place to grow food. The word "Tucuman" may have come from the Quechua languages. It could be a way of saying Yucuman, which means the "place where many rivers start." It can also be a way to say "the end of things." This word can also be a way to say "the end." Before the Spanish came, the area was on the outside of the Inca empire.

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What is Tucuman Zipcode Format?
Tucuman Argentina Postal code format