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San Juan is in the western part of Argentina. San Juan Province is a province. La Rioja, San Luis, and Mendoza are the three provinces that are next to each other. It is on the west side of Chile. The province has an area of 89,651 km2. It is made up of a mountainous area with little vegetation, fertile oases, and winding rivers. All over the province, there are a lot of places where fossils have been found. Similar to other parts of Argentina, farming is a big part of the economy. Wine and olive oil production are two of the most important. There are also many types of fruits and vegetables grown in the fertile valleys irrigated by artificial channels in the western part of the country, near the Andes mountain range. This is the second-largest wine-producing province in both the United States and South America. It has some of the best varietal wines in the world. It is also an important centre of mining and oil production. There are about 112,000 people living in San Juan, Argentina, which is in the province of San Juan in the Cuyo region. It is the capital and the largest city. It is in the Tulm Valley, west of the San Juan River, at 2,133 feet above sea level (over 500,000 in the metropolitan area). You can find wide streets, well-designed avenues, and trees of different kinds that are watered by canals in this modern city. The name "oasis town" comes from this. It has an important accommodation infrastructure and transportation. It shows modern buildings and their surroundings, the Ullum dam, a reservoir, spas, museums, a lot of vines, and a lot of different types of farming, with wine being the most important.

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