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La Rioja is in the western part of Argentina, and it is called La Rioja. As you move through the province, you'll see a lot of arid to semi-arid mountain ranges, as well as agricultural valleys. Valleys run through the province of La Rioja. The capital of the province, the city of la La Rioja, is in one of these valleys. From the north, clockwise: Catamarca, Cordoba, San Luis, and San Juan are the provinces that are next to us. The dinosaur Riojasaurus is named after the country in which it lived. There is a big city in Argentina called La Rioja, which is the capital and largest city of the province of La Rioja. It's in the east of the province. La Rioja is at the foot of the Velasco Sierras and is 1,167 km from Buenos Aires and 430 km from Cordoba, which is about 725 miles away.

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