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There are 23 provinces in Argentina, and Chaco is one of them. It is called the Province of Chaco. Resiliencia is the capital city and the largest one in this country. North-east: It is in the country. Is bordered by Salta and Santiago del Estero to the west, for example. Formosa is north of Salta, Corrientes to the east, and Santa Fe to the south. Paraguay also shares a border with it. There are 1,055,259 people living there now, making it the twelfth-largest province in Argentina. It has a total area of 99,633 km2 (38,469 sq miles). It became the second province in Argentina to have more than one official language in 2010. Toba, Mocovi, and Wich people speak these three languages, which are called Kom, Moqoit, and Wich. Chaco has been one of Argentina's poorest areas for a long time, and it is now at the bottom of both the Human Development Index and the Per Capita GDP. Quechua word for "hunting territory" or "hunting technique": Chaco comes from this word. It means "hunting territory" or "hunting technique" in this language. Hunting groups of up to 30 thousand people would come to the area every year. They would form columns and circle around their prey. Pedro Lozano, a Jesuit missionary, wrote about the Great Chaco Gualamba in his book Chorographic Description of the Great Chaco Gualamba in 1733 "Its origin shows how many countries live in that area. People in Peru call the crowd of vicuas and guanacos that the Indians gather when they go hunting "chacu." In the Quechua language, that word means "chacu." "In this case, I would say: However, the first known use of the term in a document was in a letter written to Fernando Torres de Portugal y Mesa, Viceroy of Peru, in 1589. In the letter, Juan Ramirez de Velasco, Governor of Tucuman, referred to the region as Chaco Gualamba. (The word Gualamba has a questionable history and has since been out of use.)

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