Kurbin(Lac) Zip code

Kurbin(Lac) Postal code / Kurbin(Lac) Zipcode

In Albania, postal codes are called (Kodi Postar or KP) in Albanian. Kurbin(Lac) Albania postal code system was deleveloped by Posta Shqiptare to to identify the graphical area in Kurbin(Lac) Albania. The postal code in Kurbin(Lac) Albania consists of four digits. The first 2-digit represents the region, and the following last 2digits specify the post office or delivery area within that region.

for example postal code for Kurbin(Lac) 4706, where 47 is Kurbin(Lac) city code and 06 is Fushe Kuqe Post office.

Total 6 Postal code in Kurbin(Lac), smallest postal code is 4701 and largest postal code is 4706.


1.How many postal code in Kurbin(Lac) Albania?
There are total 6 Postal code in Kurbin(Lac) Albania

2. How many digits are there in a Kurbin(Lac) Albania postal codes?
Kurbin(Lac) Albania used a 4-digit postal code system.

3. What is postal code of Fushe Kuqe?
Fushe Kuqe postal code is 4706.

What is Kurbin(Lac) Address Format?


What is Kurbin(Lac) Zipcode Format?
Kurbin(Lac) Albania Postal code format