Paktia Postal code

Paktia Postcode / Paktia Zipcode

Paktia post code also known Paktia postal code, Paktia afghanistan postal code system was developed by the AfghanPost in 2011 to identify the graphical area and locate places in Paktia. and used a 4-digit postal format XXXX, The first 2 digit represent the city code, and last 2 digit represent the Post office in the Paktia. There are total 14 postal code range is 2201 to 2261.

for example postal code for Paktia 2261, where 22 is Paktia city code and 61 is Wuza Zadran Post office.


1. How many digits are there in a Paktia Afghanistan postal codes?

Paktia Afghanistan used a 4-digit postal code system.

2. What is the postal code for Gardez GPO, Paktia?
Gardez GPO,Paktia postal code is 2201.

3. How many postal code in Paktia?
In Paktia, there are a total of 14 postal codes.

What is Paktia Address Format?

Mr. Abdul Khan
H.No. 50, Street No. 4
Ahmad Abad 2255
Paktia Afghanistan

What is Paktia Zipcode Format?
Paktia Afghanistan Postal code format